How We Got Started

Michael Briggs, Founder & CEO, found early in childhood a passion for learning about buildings while assisting his architect father. With a growing excitement for mechanical and electrical systems Michael found his purpose when software empowered him to create rudimentary levels of building intelligence. Over the years gaining priceless opportunities to work with JPL,Mirage,Bellagio, UCLA, Univ of Utah etc…

Michael saw an opportunity to leverage new cloud technologies to solve these problems in the modern age. With his background and expertise in complex building technology, he started Novo Cloud. His goal is to make building technology available to all levels of technical ability by providing centralized energy reporting and building analytics in ways that had not been previously available.

What’s Next

This is easy. We’ll continue to keep our customers happy by improving our advanced analytics engine. The goal is to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to further automate and optimize building performance.